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As of March 1st our lesson tuitions are a flat monthly rate:


Weekly 30-minute lessons -- $125/month.  Perfect for younger students and beginners with just enough time to review your work, learn something new and head home with some things to practice.  If you're not sure what lessons you need, we recommend starting with 30-minutes.  

Weekly 45-minute lessons -- $187.50/month.  Sometimes a longer lesson is great for intermediate students or those who just prefer some extra time!  The extra 15 minutes is great if you are working on songs, music theory or if you just love being in the studio with your instructor.

Weekly 60-minute lessons -- $250/month.  With an hour of time, you and your instructor can really dig into details of songs and theory and your musicianship.  These intensive lessons are a great choice for intermediate to advanced students, adults and anybody looking to perfect their craft.


Customized Lesson Plans are available.  

When you join us at Bellingham Music, you are not just getting private lessons.  You are part of our school and our community.  With that comes opportunities to perform at recitals, join string and wind ensembles, play in various bands and perform in the community, participate in jam sessions and more!  Our staff is here to help you incorporate music into your life.  Join us!

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