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COVID-19 Status -- September 1, 2022


Whatcom County continues to have new cases of COVID despite it's relatively benign impact in most cases.  That said, we still have to be smart about this and Bellingham Music will be continuing measures to keep our students and staff safe. 

Most of our lessons are in-person now but we're happy to do lessons online from now on!!  Just check in with us for options. 


To maintain comfort and safety we will continue the following in our studios and communal space:

  • Encourage safe distancing and smart traffic flow throughout our facilities

  • Encourage regular handwashing and sanitation, and provide sanitation of shared surfaces such as piano keyboards

  • Use HEPA air filters in all our studios before, during and after lessons

  • Use vinyl room barriers when appropriate

  • Monitor health and symptoms of staff and students inside our facilities

Our public retail space is officially closed.  We thank the Bellingham Community for 40 years of business and will continue our focus on music education in our community.  

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