Role at Bellingham Music:

Bass Instructor

Upright Bass Instructor

Other instruments he plays: drummer, guitar, keyboard (beginner!), bass ukulele, air bass. 

Current Musical Project: GrooveBot (electric bass)

Musical influences: R&b, funk, jazz. Aston 'Family Man’ Barrett and Bootsy Collins on bass. Big-time Hip-hop fan, and lover of the worlds many musical genres.

Nick B. has been playing the bass for over 15 years, about 10 of which have been spent either in a recording studio, on stage somewhere in the greater Puget Sound region, or more likely, at home practicing. As an instructor, he uses the music that his students love and listen to as a way to connect them with knowledge of music theory and technique, and to help them develop the feel necessary to really groove. His knowledge of different genres and playing styles helps his students develop their own unique flavors, as players, and he’s able to draw from his experience on stage and in the studio to help his students become well rounded, solid bass players.


“Rob wants me to say something about myself to hopefully connect with potential students. Okay then: I’m Nick and I like taking long walks on the beach at sunset with my fiancé, cooking food with my friends, and attempting to play funky bass lines. I wish I had a picture with a dog. People love dogs! I do want a dog one day though. There are lots of things I want, like a new bass. Or more coffee. Or world peace would do."