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Role at Bellingham Music:

Piano, Violin & Viola Instructor

Luke Gavin is a violist and pianist currently studying music education at Western Washington University. He grew up in Port Angeles and first found his love of music when he started taking piano lessons in 3rd grade. Starting in 4th grade he joined the school orchestra and began taking viola lessons as well as performing in various chamber ensembles. He is currently a member of the Western Symphony Orchestra and enjoys playing a variety of chamber music from the classical greats to local student composers. Luke currently coaches viola sectionals for the North Sound Youth Symphony and works with a variety of ages from beginners through high school. He has worked as a chamber coach at WWU Chamber Days, Olympic Strings Workshop, and Port Angeles' Summer Strings Workshop. 


Besides spending most of his time practicing and in rehearsals Luke enjoys ice skating, trail runs, and curling up with a good book. He believes that students should first and foremost enjoy the time that they spend with their instrument and supports this by building strong technical foundations as well as making sure that the studio is a safe space to try new things and make mistakes! He also believes that music making and the skills that come with it extend far beyond playing an instrument and works to connect music with the broader world. His end goal is to empower students to make their own choices and create ownership of their musical journey.




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