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Our privacy policy and use of data

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and do not collect data we don't use to run a music school.  We never share any information for any reason and would never do that without consent.  Here are some general guidelines on what we collect when our students register:

  • Names, addresses and contact info -- we collect what we need to know so we can reach our students and anybody they feel helps coordinate lessons (parents, grandparents, etc).  Minimal information is needed to get registered which we use to do initial scheduling of music lessons, classes, etc.  Some families choose to expand the contact information we have on file to help with communication.  We only keep this information on file when it is given to us.

After a student is registered and ready to begin lessons, we collect payment information to automate monthly tuition payments.  This information is securely stored in our scheduling and billing system which uses Stripe for processing.  Most of the time customers enter this information themselves via their student portal.  Occasionally we are asked to enter this for a customer over the phone.  Credit card numbers are not collected via email, text or other retainable method.

Sometimes we take photos or videos around our school or events such as recitals.  This is mostly done to share with students and their families, or for educational purposes to review with instructors.  In the event we want to use any materials for other purposes such as our website, we always notify students (or their parents/guardians) and request permission.  

Our instrument rental program is operated by Veritas Instrument Rentals.  All information collected for a rental agreement is under the complete control of Veritas and is neither used or stored by Bellingham Music except for basic contact information needed to communicate with a rental customer.  Any questions regarding information collected for the purpose of renting an instrument should be addressed to Veritas.  Of course, we are also happy to assist!

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