Our current rates for private music lessons are as follows:

  • Weekly 30-minute lessons -- $125/month

  • Weekly 45-minute lessons -- $187.50/month

  • Weekly 60-minute lessons -- $250/month

  • One-off lessons by special arrangement -- $65/hour

  • Multiple-student family discounts are available at 10% each additional student

  • Monthly tuitions are billed on the 1st of each month unless arrangements are made between the student and Bellingham Music.  Tuition is pre-paid for the upcoming month based on the anticipated schedule of lessons.  Any changes during the month will be adjusted and prorated accordingly.

Rates for group classes, performance groups, jam sessions, etc are determined by class depending on staffing and facility needs, supplies and other factors.


  • Our flat-rate monthly tuitions are based on an average of 49 private lessons given to our students in a year.  There is an anticipated three weeks of missed lessons due to holidays, vacations, illness or other reasons.  

  • Up to three lessons per year may be missed with prior 24-hour notice by the student or instructor.  These are typically scheduled in advance based on typical holidays or personal vacations.  These lessons do not qualify for a refund and our monthly tuitions factor in such absences, but they may be credited in the form of a re-scheduled lesson or other arrangement made by the student and instructor under special circumstances or as need to ensure progress of the student.

  • Lessons missed by students without prior 24-hour notice are marked as absent.  An alternative schedule or instructional arrangement may be made at the discretion of the instructor.  Absent lessons do not qualify for refunds or credits without arrangements with a Bellingham Music school administrator.

  • Lessons missed by instructors for any reason not previously arranged with students -- such as illness or facility availability -- will be re-scheduled or alternative instruction will be provided by Bellingham Music.  Instructor absences qualify for credits to be applied to future monthly tuition at the rate of $65/hour, or they may be refunded at the request of the student.

  • Our lessons are guaranteed.  In the event a new student in their first month of instruction is not satisfied for any reason, they may choose to withdraw from lessons and receive a full refund for their initial month.

  • All other lesson withdrawals require 2-week notification prior to billing on the 1st of each month.  We do not guarantee a refund if less notification is given.

  • Any refund issued for any reason is processed as soon as possible and communicated with the student.  Once a refund is issued, it typically takes 3-7 days for funds to be returned to the student's account on file.  Cash refunds or refunds to any account other than the original charge account may not be made by Bellingham Music.