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Role at Bellingham Music:

Owner-School Administrator

Saxophone Instructor

Degree:  B.S. Soil Science (Environmental Management), Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Store Favorites:  P. Mauriat Saxophones, Hercules Stands, D'Addario Select Jazz Reeds, Legere Reeds

What else Rob loves:  skiing, mountain biking, surfing, rock climbing, baseball

Rob has a diverse background ranging from Forest & Wilderness Resource Inventory to Information Technology to County Administration to owning a music store!  He started playing alto saxophone in the 4th grade, continuing on with symphony and Jazz in a successful high school program playing baritone, tenor, alto and soprano sax as well as clarinet.  Rob now commits himself to studying theory and instructional methods to improve technique, theory and musicianship.  He is on a quest to bring a high-quality, diverse and community-oriented school of music to Whatcom County.   


Rob's lessons and group programs focus on music as a positive experience.  He focuses on relationships between himself, the student and parents, the instrument, music and the overall lifestyle keeping all that together.  Life is complex and this combination can be unique for each student and even each lesson.


Rob is currently not performing in a regular band in the Bellingham area.  He has played baritone, alto and soprano saxophones in popular local bands including Groovebot (funk/soul/R&B/rock), The Austerman File (funk/soul/blues), Brasscadia (New Orleans brass), Front Street Jazz (small ensemble Jazz), Jansen Jazz Band (big band Jazz) and sat in with several others.  He also performed regularly in Colorado in bands including The Mountain Mystics (Reggae, ska, rock), The Backcountry Jazz Experiment (combo Jazz), Hijos de Playas (Latin and Afro-Cuban Jazz/rock).     



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