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Role at Bellingham Music:

Classical Guitar Instructor

I was always inspired by music and hearing the beautiful sound the guitar expresses drew me to pursue it as a profession.I begin taking lesson on classical guitar as a young teen and continued to study it with a passion throughout my college years. In 1979 I graduated from Western Washington University with a BA in classical guitar.I then began my career as a guitarist, music teacher and also establishing a music business that included a musical instrument store and a music academy. I had this business for 32 years. Those years in the music industry has helped to me realize the many ways people experience music, which has given me an insight on ways to teach the art of music. Over these years I have taught hundreds of students how to practice and enjoy performing and playing music on the guitar. I also have been able to share and learn many teaching ideas from the many great music teacher that were involved in the music academy.


My goal as a music teacher is to inspire one to recognize the beauty of what the world and nature offers us through the discipline of learning the art of music. Music and art is truly what inspires universality among all people and my hope is that as a teacher of music I can open new doors to experiencing the aesthetic of our cultural history.


My teaching covers all aspects of techniques for performing classical guitar. I begin with the idea of how one should approach the instrument physically so that everything is accessible and comfortable. Developing note reading skills is a crucial step in learning a deeper understanding of how the language of music works.Each lesson will cover a step by step approach to learning this important skill. Along with learning to read music I like to employ some fun and simple right hand finger picking patterns in combination with the left hand to develop a good foundation of the techniques used on the guitar. Also covered in my lessons are the understanding rhythmic concepts,how to attain a beautiful tone quality, basic music theory, how scales and arpeggios work, and most importantly how to develop a repertoire of performing pieces to last a life time. 


I am a very patient and nurturing teacher and enjoy being with my students and hope to develop a musical relationship that can be mutually inspirational.



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