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We strive to prevent the need for returns, but it happens.  Sometimes a product has a defect or your purchase was not quite what you were looking for. 

INSTRUMENTS:  Our customers are encouraged to play instruments prior to purchasing them to ensure they are getting what they want.  We are here to answer questions and help guide you through the sometimes confusing process of selecting a musical instrument.  Customers have 4 BUSINESS DAYS to return an instrument for a full refund.  The instrument must be in new condition without the warranty being filed and customer must have the receipt.  Modifications, damage or noticeable wear to the instrument may void the refund.  Bellingham Music reserves the right to determine if a refund is possible.

ACCESSORIES, SHEET MUSIC, ETC: Customers have 4 BUSINESS DAYS to return any item. Customers must have the receipt and the product must have its original packaging and be in new condition.

HARMONICAS AND OTHER WIND INSTRUMENTS:  Washington State health regulations prohibit the return of harmonicas and other wind instruments/accessories that cannot be sanitized or that are sealed for resale.  We do have a harmonica tester available in store to help you with your purchase.


CONSIGNMENTS:  All consignment items are sold AS-IS and cannot be returned.  We generally carry some consignment items that we find are unique or that may be a good value for a customer.  Consignment items are play-tested and checked by an appropriate technician for an estimate on any needed repairs, setup, etc.  Needed repairs are NOT the responsibility of Bellingham Music, nor do we assume responsibility for any estimates of needed repairs.  We encourage our customers to thoroughly inspect consignment items and we will do our best to help with your decision to purchase.  We will gladly contact the owner and technician if you have additional questions.

RECEIEPTS:  In an effort to reduce paper usage, we typically ask our customers if they would like a receipt.  Should you decline a receipt and wish to return an item, we can reproduce a receipt for you provided you.  

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