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NOTE:  Some instruments on our rental site are NOT immediately available.  They may take 5-10 days to process and ship.  If your rental is urgent please give us a call first. 


Bellingham Music is staffed by active musicians and instructors who rely on instruments everyday for teaching, practicing, recording and performing.  We care about quality, craftmanship and every instrument's "personality" and aim to provide a more efficient way for customers to rent.

We are an affiliate of Veritas Instrument Rentals (VIR).  While we do not own our fleet of instruments, we fully support your rental experience from start to finish.  We maintain an inventory of instruments and manage your agreement with VIR.  If you ever need anything we're here to help you, or we'll meet you at your school, home or work.  

The instruments offered at this site are rental-return (not brand new) instruments that have met VIR's rigorous quality control standards and inspection. Expendable items such as reeds, sticks, oils and/or rosin have been replaced. Mouthpieces have also been either sterilized or replaced. New instruments, step-up and advanced instruments are available for exchange or purchase at any time (subject to availability).

NOTE:  Not all instruments are necessarily in stock.  If any requested instruments are not in stock, usually we have them in about a week.  If you are in urgent need of instrument please give us a call or email

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